Spring naar inhoud

Leesmagazijn Intro (English)

“Dutch Merve”, Tom Lamberty

“Dystopie Uitgeverij”, Johannes van der Sluis

“Stalwart Publisher”, Christian Kracht



Key international literary and social-economical publications should be a part of the intellectual discourse in the Netherlands and Belgium.

How ?
Main goal of Leesmagazijn is the publication and translation in the Dutch language of important fiction and nonfiction titles. Additionally, Leesmagazijn will occasionally publish multi-lingual publications. With our backlist, feature titles and a thriving frontlist and e-book list, and new ventures including printing-on-demand and content creation, Leesmagazijn is developing new economical publishing models for investing in translations and general (e-)book publishing.

For updated information please visit our Facebook Leesmagazijn pages, to see what we are doing…

Contact information:

Publisher: Ed Jager : uitgever [at] leesmagazijn.nl

Editor & Publisher at Large: Menno Grootveld

Editors: Huub Gelissen huub [at] leesmagazijn.nl, Trijsje Franssen

leesmagazijn.nl (wordpress, always archiving)

Revue Leesmagazijn (online publishing, phased out)

L”Editie (Beta),  random news

Twitter: leesmagazijn

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